Mega Science Exhibition – PRIDE OF INDIA ISC EXPO

The Pride of India expo has emerged as a unique platform for organizations from government, private and public sector to showcase their achievements in the field of science and technology. The POI Expo brings together and displays hundreds of new ideas, innovations and products covering the entire canvas of scientific world. Such is the power of this event that the five days witness a large number of visitors from the corporate sector, scientific fraternity and academia, R&D institutes, defence, government, PSUs etc. ..Read More

Genesis Symposium

Date: 4th January 2020
Time : 10:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Genesis – a one day symposium is organized concurrent to the congress bringing together captains and thought leader from the industry face-to-face with leading scientist and Academicians to drive the agenda on contemporary issues. The Genesis Symposium was introduced in the year 2000 with the objective to bridge the gap between science and industry.

The Genesis Symposium invites the Leading Industries , R&D Institutes, Academia and Trade Associations of India to Discover , Nurture and Accelerate this Innovation and Entrepreneurship, through acquisition of novel technologies , vendor development programmes , mentoring , incubation ,etc. Participate in the Genesis Symposium to share your views, to know more and to make the right connection to grow your business together with nation building.

The theme of the 107th Indian Science Congress is “Science & Technology: Rural Development”. The theme of the symposium will be aligned with the focal theme of the Indian Science Congress. The symposium will bring together the best of minds from industry; scientific fraternity, policy makers and academia.

As stated by our first Prime Minister, “It is Science alone that can solve the problems of hunger and poverty .....” We will have to work towards achieving this goal of harnessing science in all spheres of rural development, because ultimately the total national development would depend on the rapid progress of the rural areas. This will call for a joint effort of scientists, administrators, and local people with the full support of the political structures and nongovernmental, voluntary organizations, but a key role in this would be of the scientists, and ‘challenge before the scientific community today’ is to accept and fulfill this task. Much attention is needed in order to make rural India ‘shine’ because India cannot ‘shine’ without the ‘shining’ of rural India.

This day long symposium will feature invigorating sessions (Inaugural session, Main Session & Concluding session) on the key topics in collaboration with scientific community and entrepreneurs. The Speakers would be from the government, PSUs and leading corporate sector and would be sharing knowledge from their vast experience. ..Read More

Vigyan Jyot - Journey Towards Scientific Awareness

Date: 2nd January 2020
Time : 09:00 AM

Vigyan Jyot (VJ) - Flame of Knowledge, is a novel initiative to popularize science and encourage pure science as a career amongst the youth thus preparing scientists and innovators for future. VJ was conceptualized on the lines of Olympic Torch and inspired by the vision 2020 of our former president Dr. A.P.J. Kalam of making India powerful, prosperous nation by reaching the benefits of Science and Technology to every Indian and enriching the quality of Life. Vigyan Jyot remains lit at the venue of the Indian Science Congress PoI Expo for the duration of the Congress. Lakhs of students, dignitaries and general public visit Vigyan Jyot every year and take an oath to spread the awareness of science …Read More

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